FHA Refinance

It’s Not Just a Loan, Its a Solution

At Castle & Cooke Mortgage we do more than help clients secure home financing, we take care of them through all aspects of homeownership. And we are especially pleased to

offer the FHA’s Streamline Refinance loan as a powerful lending solution, especially for those who might be struggling with current loan payments.

This Federal Housing Association (FHA) loan allows current FHA loan recipients to refinance based on the original purchase price of the home instead of an appraised value. This means that homeowners who are underwater, that is, they owe more

than the value of their home, can avoid added costs or penalties while still taking advantage of current, lower lending rates. This is truly a lending solution that goes further to help our clients all the way home.

Special Features

* Opportunity to lower your monthly payment and mortgage insurance premium

* No appraisal necessary in most cases

* Limited paperwork and closing costs

* Minimal credit requirements


* Lower mortgage insurance (up to 40%)

* Low to no closing costs ($100 or less out of pocket)

* Paying off your second mortgage is not required

Restrictions may apply. Not all who apply will qualify. Program qualifications and offerings are subject to change at any time. The duration of the loan process is conditional upon credit approval and starts with the receipt of all required information provided by the borrower and/or any third party. Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC cannot be held responsible for any required documentation that is not received in a timely manner or unforeseen occurrences that may delay the loan process.