What You Need to Get Started

Pre-qualification Checklist

* 30 days most recent pay stubs (2 or 4)

* 2 years most recent tax returns with W-2’s

* 2 months most recent bank statements

* Last 401k statement

* Copy of sales contract (if applicable)

* 2 year residential history

* 2 year work history

Additional information may be needed depending on loan program chosen and personal requirements

Restrictions may apply. Not all who apply will qualify. Program qualifications and offerings are subject to change at any time. The duration of the loan process is conditional upon credit approval and starts with the receipt of all required information provided by the borrower and/or any third party. Castle & Cooke Mortgage, LLC cannot be held responsible for any required documentation that is not received in a timely manner or unforeseen occurrences that may delay the loan process.